Coming Soon… The comics of last week

Well, we’re nothing if not untimely. So stay tuned for our review of the following, upcoming comics:



Scooby Doo: Apocalypsescooby01

Superwoman (because apparently, that’s a thing now)


Spider Man: Renew Your Vows



In a previous edition, Joe disavowed knowledge of at least one of the heroes listed above, so feel free to tune in and comment on our web zone – just like CJ does in our new segment, “Ummm… Well, actually.”


Stay tuned, true believers, for the next episode of Mo and Joe with the Casual Comics Cast!


Casual Comics Preview Available Now – Week of December 21, 2016

The new Casual Comics Cast is online. We’re getting more timely – these comics just came out this week!

On the new cast, we discuss:

Justice League #11


Deadpool and the Mercs for Money #6


Silver Surfer #8: ‘Microcosmic’


Klaus and the Witch of Winter – One Shot!


Enjoy the comics cast, and let us know what you think! We need someone to explain Galactus to us…

Christmas Cheer and Coming Soon

So, this year, we didn’t get around to posting any holiday podcasts, videos, reviews, oddities… or anything else really. The next podcast has been recorded, and it’s a fun one.

In the meantime, check out some facts you probably didn’t know about “Santa in comics” over at one of my favorite sites, Comics Alliance.

Hope you’re having a holly and a jolly one!

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Casual Comics Preview (Cast): Week of November 30, 2016

Well, we did it again. This week – Mo and Joe discuss a few of the new comics coming out this week… and puzzle over just what day of the week those comics actually come out.

The titles we discuss are:

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #64


Batman Detective Comics Trade Paperback Vol. 08: Blood Of Heroes?


Doctor Strange Sorcerers Supreme #1 (Second Printing)


Mighty Thor Premium Hardcover volume 2: Lords of Midgard